Maintenance Requests


For emergency maintenance issues that require immediate attention please call the main office line at (314) 632-6418.

Emergency items are those that prevent you from occupying your apartment, or that are causing major damage. Examples include water leaking that cannot be controlled, heating malfunctions below 40 degrees, or anything that presents an immediate threat to people or property.


For non-emergency requests, please use the form below.

Note that lock outs do not constitute an emergency. For lock outs during business hours, please contact the office. After hours, lock outs can be directed to Clements Lock & Security at (314) 865-2242.

  • Submit a Maintenance Request

  • Please include your alarm code if you have one. Maintenance workers may need to access the space during times when you may not be present. If it is required for you to be present during maintenance repair inspection and/or if you would prefer to be there, please let us know in the special instructions section, keeping in mind that some scheduling conflicts may occur that might prolong the time for repair.
  • Drop files here or