Vacant to Vibrant

Most of our projects are buildings that have sat vacant for five years or more prior to renovation. Some have been unoccupied for decades. These are often buildings on the verge of being lost.

Bakers Union Building

For over sixty years the Bakers Union building located at 2615 Winnebago Street housed the headquarters of the Local...
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Built in 1889, the former St. Matthews Schoolhouse has been adapted into private offices as an extension of Nebula,...
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Located in the heart of the Cherokee Street creative district, Nebula opened in 2010 as the first coworking space...
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A tax sale property with a bright future was set ablaze in June 2016. Today, South Side Spaces explores...
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Canyon Run Complex

The former Canyon Run Motorcycle Complex at 2212-22 S Jefferson houses a variety of retail, restaurant, maker spaces, and...
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Globe Drug Building

Constructed in 1913, the building at 2626 Cherokee Street has a rich history in St. Louis. Originally a 905...
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