Rental Qualifications

What are your rental qualifications?

Every application is considered on a case-by-case basis; in our evaluation, we consider rental history, credit history, employment history, criminal history, and income. These factors allow us to assess whether an applicant will make for a reliable and respectful tenant – one that will pay rent on time, be kind and courteous to their neighbors, and mindful of the historic spaces that we have carefully restored.

We spend time upfront doing our due diligence to help ensure that we can provide quality living conditions for all tenants, avoid legal matters, and focus our limited staffing resources on providing the best possible service. Application processing takes 1-3 business days, and we are thorough! Be prepared to promptly answer questions and provide additional information.

A qualified applicant is someone who:

  • Has good credit history, can afford the space that they’re applying for, and has been a good tenant in the past (provided this is not their first rental). We do not have a minimum credit score or income requirement; however, you’ll find some helpful tips on those items in the worksheet below.
  • Has no eviction filings, bankruptcy filings, landlord debts, or foreclosures in the past five years, as well as no open, pending, or in progress judgments for property-related items (monetary or possession). We view legal action as a last-resort, worst-case scenario – one that neither tenant nor landlord wants to end up in. Exceptions exist for those displaced due to COVID-19 or facing other pandemic-related hardships.
  • Has no collection activity on their credit report. Debts are sent to collections after a creditor has been consistently unsuccessful in collecting payment. We are forgiving of collections of the medical or educational (student loan) variety – those will not affect an applicant’s likelihood of being approved – but any others should be satisfied prior to submitting an application.
  • Has not committed any crimes of a nature that pose a threat to people or property, or that could adversely affect neighbors. An application includes a standard background check. In our evaluation, we’ll consider the type of offense, the severity of the offense, and the time since the offense occurred. Additional information is available in the worksheet below.

Will my application be approved?

We’ve created this worksheet to help you assess your eligibility to rent one of our properties. Everyone’s situation is different, and no one is perfect! Use this information as an educational guide only, and contact us with questions.