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2201 Indiana

The Kinloch Telephone Exchange building, located at 2201 Indiana Avenue in McKinley Heights, is one of four telephone exchanges constructed by the Kinloch Telephone Company at the turn of the 20th century.

This building was renovated by South Side Spaces to include historic character and charm as well as modern amenities.

About the Project

The former Kinloch Telephone Exchange Building is located at 2201 Indiana Avenue in the historic McKinley Heights neighborhood. Built in 1904, this building was one of four exchanges owned and operated by the Kinloch Telephone Company at the turn of the century.

After sitting vacant for years, the building was purchased by South Side Spaces in 2013. Like all South Side Spaces projects, the primary goal was to restore the original early 1900’s character and charm of the building while providing the necessary updates and modern amenities utilized in the 21st century. ​However, additional challenges existed due to the building’s 10,000 square foot size, unusual layout, and condition.


After several months of diligent planning, construction began. Every material and fixture used in the renovation was carefully and consciously selected. Well preserved rooms were meticulously restored, like the many stalled bathroom used by the “telephone girls” in 1904, while modern additions like the walk in shower in the master bathroom were constructed. The end result is a marriage and collaboration of old and new, antique and modern.

"Telephone Girl" Restrooms

The building's original "telephone girl" restrooms were carefully restored.

Custom Mural

Occupying three walls in the kitchen area is a custom mural by local artist Jacob Berkowitz.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom includes an open shower, heated floors, vintage chandelier, and more.


In the living room, a magnificent chandelier by Studio Italia Design is visible from the exterior and throughout the finished space.

Re-Purposed Items

A variety of re-purposed items exist throughout the space, including this autopsy table now used as a kitchen sink.

Light Fixtures

A wide array of light fixtures are used throughout the space, including this one. Found in the basement of the building, it now resides in the master bathroom.

High Ceilings

Ceiling heights in excess of 14 feet are complemented by modern fixtures and ceiling fans.

History of Kinloch

Learn more about the Kinloch Telephone Company from its beginnings in 1896.

History of the Kinloch Telephone Company

History of 2201 Indiana Avenue

Learn more about the history of 2201 Indiana Avenue, one of Kinloch’s remaining telephone exchanges.

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