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Rent One

2616-20 Cherokee

For the better part of the last century, 2616-20 Cherokee has been a destination for furniture, appliances, and home goods – with an interlude in the 1950s as an auto parts retailer. Following the recent departure of its long-time rent-to-own tenant came plans to renew and revitalize this once grand building from 1923. Finished in 2023, the building now houses three retail storefronts and six residential spaces, just in time for the building’s 100th anniversary.

About the Project

From late 2022 and through early August 2023, the space formerly occupied by a single corporate chain store (Rent One) was converted into nine separate spaces, including three storefronts which are designed to accommodate three locally-owned and independently-operated businesses – further contributing to the already strong presence of small businesses on Cherokee Street and along the 2600 block in particular.

In addition to the retail spaces, the plywood has been removed from the long-vacant second-level windows and the lights have been turned back on with the addition of four residential apartments above. Two first-floor residential spaces round out the building on the ground level. The project utilized historic tax credits and complies with the National Park Service standards for historic buildings.

This project was awarded a “Most Enhanced” award in 2024 by the Landmarks Association.

View the finished spaces:

Residential – 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 1E & 1W
Commercial – 2614, 2616 & 2618

Storefront Contest

In February 2023, we launched our storefront contest, where six months of free rent were granted to a small business for the center storefront, 2616 Cherokee. We received an overwhelming response of over 75 applications – all of which were well-thought submissions for viable business ideas. The Cherokee Street CID’s Business Development Committee, alongside the South Side Spaces team, selected six finalists. Each finalist gave a brief presentation at the neighborhood meeting on April 20th, and Cherokee’s business owners, property owners, residents, and employees cast their votes.

More About the Contest


Built in 1923, the building at 2616-20 Cherokee housed a variety of shops in its first few decades, including the Saiger Variety Store, the Horras Piano Company, and Nachman’s Furniture & Appliances – a South St. Louis retailer that offered everything from Zenith long-distance radios to Thor washing machines in the 1930s. Later occupied by Western Auto, the building’s longest-standing tenant is also its most recent – Rent One, formerly known as National Rent-to-Own.

The building’s architects, Wedemeyer & Nelson, were familiar names in St. Louis, designing a number of other buildings primarily on the north side; some south side examples include the Dickmann Building at 3115 S Grand and the original Casa Loma Ballroom (before the fire) at 3354 Iowa.

The original purpose of the second floor remains a mystery; sealed off for decades, even long-time employees of Rent One were unaware of how to access the space or of what surprises were hidden above their workspace. Used as some form of haphazard storage for a former auto parts retailer, the most notable finds were some 1940s or 1950s bank teller windows, and evidence of an extensive fire – a fire that left distinctive marks on most of the walls and floors which could be considered either beautiful or terrible (depending on which team member you ask).

Photos below: 2616 Cherokee, looking west, in 1946 and 2022.

The Beginning

The Renovation

The Completed Project

Finishing touches were wrapped up the first week of August 2023.